USA Residential IP RDP

Full Root Admin Access High Quality Residential IP RDP, Now use Adwords, Bing Ads, Dating sites,SEO,Craigslist Without Getting Blocked

All plans include

  • High Quality Residential IP
  • Cogent, Sprint,CenturyLink
  • 1 GBPS internet
  • New York & Virginia
  • No-IP Leak with WebRTC
  • Best for Dating
  • Support 24/7/365
30% Discount
Residential RDP#1
annually get (30% discount)
$ 30.00
$ 25.00 /month
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  • RAM
    2GB DDR4
  • Disk Storage
    50GB SSD Nvme
  • Cores
    2 vCore
  • bandwidth
best value
Residential RDP#2
annually get (30% discount)
$ 50.00
$ 40.00 /month
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  • RAM
    4GB DDR4
  • Disk Storage
    70GB SSD Nvme
  • Cores
    3 vCore
  • bandwidth

Why choose RDP Villa?

We provides Fast internet, reliable vps, efficient RDP, Very Affordable Residential RDP,Clean Static Residential IP.

Premium Support 24x7x365

Don't worry! We have premium support 24/7/365 Over Live Chat,Facebook Page, Skype, WhatsApp & via Ticket System. For Pakistan & India we Provides Emergency Phone call support as well.

Money Back Guarantee

If You’re Not Completely Satisfied With RDP, Simply Cancel Service Within 24 Hours & Get Refund - Please Note that we don't provide refund for Residential,Paypal,Ebay,Amazon RDPs.

Dedicated Access

We Never share your RDP Access with anyone, Only Internet & CPU resources are shared including space is your own & private. We also do not provides Password recovery solution due to security purposes,We can re-install OS as per your request.

Windows RDP Technical Specifications

Our Amazon, PayPal, Ebay RDP comes with better resources to work on peak performance.

Full Administrator Access
AMD EPYC 2nd Gen Free VPS Management
Windows OS
Hyper-v Tech VNC Console
Cloud technology upto 3GBPS Clean Residential IP
Dedicated IPv4 Basic Protection SSD storage
Blob Background

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Question's answers are here for this RDP plans.

What is USA Residential Admin RDP?
  • Residential IP RDP is basically non-datacenter RDP, normally servers's IPs are registered under companies which can be easily tracked by any website like facebook,PayPal Or any dating site. So Residential IPs are like your Home connection which Shows that You're Residential user not datacenter.

Is admin RDP shared?
  • No, As it is complete and full access is dedicated to you, RDPs are made from Big dedicated servers using Hyper-v Technology so only CPU & internet is shared, Your IP,Your login,Your Windows system is completely yours including virtual cores.

Can We upgrade our RAM, Space or Cores?
  • You can upgrade your complete package not single object. But you can expect this in future as we are working on customised RDP plans.

Can You reset Windows Password if i forgot?
  • NO. We can simply re-install your Windows OS if you forgot, We don't support reseting feature due to security purpose so your RDP will be totally safe.

What is Delivery Time for RDP?
  • If you're placing order first time then it might take upto 6 hours to verify your payment and account details to avoid any fraud & fake orders. But your RDP will be delivered within few minutes if your placing your order after discussing with any of our team member via live chat, Phone call, facebook or Whatsapp.

What are the Payment Methods?
  • Currently We are accepting Credit/debit cards and Crypto currencies and Payment via international bank account.